Transition @ EEPS

Starting off in a new school is a major step for families not just the students. Change is the key feature of transitions that occur through a person’s life. Whether transition is occurring from pre-school to school, between classes or Year 6 to secondary school, transition is made successful by building up positive experiences. 

At EEPS we aim to build relationships and links for the family and child to feel connected, secure and confident in our school community. 

Prep Transition Information for 2020 prospective students is made available from the 1st May 2019.

We invite our prospective prep families to join us for activities including computer time, dance, movement and story time. Our prep team maintain contact with parents and guardians along with feeder preschools and childcare facilities to set up the best possible start to school.

At EEPS we are building a culture of collective responsibility for all our students across the school. Transition is not just at the end of the year but influenced through making connections across the school throughout the year. Our programs contribute to a natural and successful transition to the next level. Strategies to familiarize students, teachers and families with different learning spaces and areas across the school are evolving.

Yard duty across levels, ELO’s, buddies, whole school assembly and special events all contribute to the feeling of connection between levels and community. In term 4, when classes are assigned, a program of activities including a lunch and an orientation day with the next year’s teacher is organised.

Year 6 to Secondary School

We actively work with the local secondary schools to ease students through the transition process. Information is forwarded early in the year setting out the Regional timeline. Secondary students visit EEPS to tell Year 6 students about their experiences and exciting programs. Many secondary schools set up a learning environment that is similar to the primary school. Our programs at level 4 involve increased self-directed management of learning tasks.

All government secondary schools hold an orientation day on the second Tuesday in December. At EEPS we organise a day for Year 7 coordinators to meet with year 6 teachers and students who are attending their schools.

2019 Parent Handbook

Prep Transition program for 2020

2019 Prep Start to School Year Dates and Times