School Council

2018 School Council

Government schools in Victoria have a school council. The school council is the group of people who assist in governing the school. The council is given the power to set the key directions for the school, and is a legal entity in its own right. At EEPS our dedicated School Councillors have influenced the quality of learning and facilities that we provide to our students.

Our School Council plays an important role in school accountability and improvement. It endorses key school planning, evaluation and reporting documents. School Councillors are elected for a two year term. Meetings are scheduled at the start of the school year, usually the third Tuesday of the month.  Active sub-committees are Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Community Activities Committee, Education and Outside School Hours Care.

Our School Councillors for 2018:

Trish Bostock (ex officio)   Tony Liss (School Council President)

Parent Representatives: Tony Liss, Susan Armstrong, Ninette Young,  Amanda Saini, Ian Lingard, Zoe Hurrey, Kate Lording, Rachael Scoble

William Peng and Caroline Melocco joined the council in September to fill a casual vacancy and community member roles.

DET Staff: Naomi Ivers, Mary Vescio, Lisa Joseph, Warren Lloyd