Term 2 - Green Team

This unit develops students’ respect and care for the environment, along with the need to sustainably manage, protect and conserve the environment into the future. In learning about sustainability students investigate the physical features of our planet, the adaptations of plants and animals and the ways in which people have used earth’s resources and what impact human activity has had on the environment. They will investigate the scientific nature of the atmosphere and global impacts on natural systems of ozone depletion and/or enhanced greenhouse effect.

What is land use and management? Atmosphere and energy. How do greenhouse gases effect us? They will reflect on current practices and ways reduce our impact on the planet.

“Conservation is our way of looking after the world as we would look after our homes. Using our intelligence and common sense to keep it safe, to make it comfortable and beautiful, to repair any damage and upset, to preserve it for the future. We have made changes to our world to make our lives more comfortable…to improve our lifestyle.  Conservation is one way of reminding ourselves that if we change our world thoughtlessly we can cause serious damage perhaps forever. But if we make changes that are safe sound and sensible we can even improve our world” Margaret Dunkle 1987




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