Term 4 - up close and personal

Throughout our Up Close and Personal unit, students take a close look at the physical, social and emotional changes that occur during adolescence.  Personal responsibilities and building positive social relationships in a range of contexts are also explored. They investigate strategies that they can use to make decisions and consider the impact of the choices on themselves and others. With a strong connection to PATHS, students will be supported to problem solve and reflect on personal, family, school and community values.

Focus Learning

  • What are my personal rights and responsibilities?
  • Why positive relationships are important and what advantages do they have for our wellbeing?
  • What strategies can I implement to help me build and maintain positive and social relationships?
  • In what ways will I change - cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally during puberty?
  • What are the possible influences, situations and risks that I will be exposed to and what personal decisions will I need to make in response?
  • What resources do I have available to help me make informed choices?






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