Term 3 - What's the matter?Chocology

Oh, to study chocolate at school! Yes, after all it is a chemical and it is made of matter. The children have many experiences to develop their understanding of the properties of matter, solids, liquids and gas. The hands on incursion with a scientist provides one of many opportunities to perform experiments. The children explore the significance of fair testing in experiments. Class groups design and report on various experimental projects.

The children investigate the origins of chocolate and how it is processed to produce the many different products on sale. The design, production and marketing of a new chocolate product is a highly anticipated feature of this unit.

Focus Learning

Identifying the different properties of matter

Distinguishing between physical and chemical change.

Following experimental procedures. Identify factors considered to make a fair test

Designing a simple experiment and give possible explanations for the results.

Demonstrating appropriate awareness of safety when using chemicals

Producing and explaining a chocolate product and explaining the marketing plan for the chocolate product

Evaluating the product and its wrapper design against set criteria






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