Term 1 - Switch It on!

At this level the students will develop an understanding of the brain so that they can better understand their current learning behaviour. They will recognise that they can positively influence their learning by making educated learning decisions, health decisions and social decisions. They will use a variety of thinking tools and strategies that effectively engage them in their learning process.

This also links to technology and the study of electric circuits which allow energy to be transferred to another place and then transformed into another form of energy.

Focus Learning

  1. What is the brain? What do you know about the brain parts and how messages are sent. What is the algorithm of our systems?

  2. Why do we need to keep the brain healthy? How can we optimise brain health?

  3. What environment and habits enable the best learning?

  4. How does the health of my brain impact on my learning? What can I do to maximise my learning?

  5. How can energy be transformed from one form to another to generate electricity?

  6. How does energy flow through a system?

  7. What does an electrical circuit look like?