Term 4 - up close and personal

In this unit students take a close look at the changes that will occur -physically, socially and emotionally, in their personal lives during adolescence. Health knowledge and interpersonal development will be explored with a focus on understanding themselves and how their body is changing. Personal responsibilities and building positive social relationships in a range of contexts is also explored. They investigate strategies that they can use to make decisions and consider the impact of the choices on themselves and others. 

Personal and Interpersonal Learning: A major focus will be personal reflection and responses to the issues raised. Students will develop their teamwork skills working in groups and in partnerships for many activities. Reflection on personal, family, school and community values will be used to demonstrate behaviours to help people deal with challenging social situations.

PATHS will play a key role in this unit of work by reflecting on problem solving and using the skills the students have been taught.

Focus Ideas

  • What are my personal rights and responsibilities?

  • In what ways will I change - cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally during puberty?

  • Why are positive relationships important and what advantages do they have for our wellbeing?

  • What strategies can I implement to help me build and maintain positive and social relationships?

  • What are the possible influences (media personalities, sporting personalities, friends, teachers, mentors), situations and risks that I will be exposed to and what personal decisions will I need to make in response?

  • What resources do I have available to help me make an informed choice?