Term 1 - We are Australian

This unit focuses on Australia’s establishment and growth as a nation and its social and cultural heritage. It will mainly focus on the study of colonial Australia, Federation, migration, to present day. Students will discuss and explain how the organisation and lifestyle of Aborigines Torres Strait Islander communities from 1800’s have changed over time. Students will then research current practice in Australia (in regards to system of government) and then express their opinion about which direction they believe Australia should take in the future. Students will investigate the experiences and contributions of particular migrant groups within a colony, for example, Germans in South Australia, Japanese in Broome, Afghan Cameleers in the Northern Territory, Chinese at Palmer River, Pacific Islanders in the Torres Strait. The students will research aspects of Colonial life, and the events leading up to Federation, including key figures and influences such as British and American influences on Australia’s system of law and government.

Focus Outcomes

  • What do we know about the lives of people in Australia’s colonial past and how do we know?

  • How did an Australian colony develop over time and why?

  • How did colonial settlement change the environment?

  • What were the significant events and who were the significant people that shaped Australian colonies?

  • Why and how did Australia become a nation?

  • How did Australian society change throughout the twentieth century?

  • Who were the people who came to Australia? Why did they come?

What contribution have significant individuals and groups made to the development of Australian society?


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