Term 2 Consumer Capers

Money! Money! Money! - the study of economics begins here! Throughout this unit students will become aware of a range of forms of money and can discuss their rights and responsibilities in everyday transactions.

Students will explore the different ways money can be kept and the importance of saving. They recognise that family income may be limited and begin to understand that matching household expenditure against income is important when considering family finances. They understand broad issues of quality of life, total family income, expenditure and savings. In real life examples, the students will manage their own budgets and be responsible for earning money and paying for consumables, energy and tax!

They will study the psychology of advertising and peer pressure which can affect choice and are aware of the social and environmental consequences of their choices.

Focus Learning

  1. Why do people work?

  2. Why do I have to make choices as a consumer?

  3. What strategies assist in managing personal finances?

  4. Why do businesses exist and how do they provide me with goods and services?

  5. What factors influence my choices and what are the possible effects of my consumer and financial choices?

  6. Why are there trade-offs associated with making decisions?

  7. What enterprising behaviours and capabilities do I have?

  8. How do consumer choices impact globally