Term 3 - Forces and Motion

Will the force be with you? In this unit children will discover what forces are. They will discover that forces include non-contact forces and begin to appreciate that some interactions result from phenomena that can’t be seen with the naked eye! Exploring and observing how speed is affected by the size of a force and how non-contact forces are similar to contact forces will allow children to make connections and build on their knowledge and understanding. Children will conduct experiments and fair tests, investigating the effect of forces on an object through actions such as throwing, dropping, bouncing and rolling. They will explore the forces of attraction and repulsion between magnets and describe how science investigations are used to identify patterns and respond to questions. Hold tight, there may be a fraction too much friction this term!  

Focus questions

  1. What is a force?

  2. What are the different types of forces?

  3. Where can we experience forces in our own environment?

  4. What affects the impact of force?

  5. When conducting science experiments, how do we conduct a fair test?