Term 2 Marvellous Melbourne

Melbourne ! One of the world's most liveable cities is studied in this unit. With elements of geography and history the students explore Melbourne, the people and the events that have influenced how we live today. They will value the history of this city, and how it has evolved over time and project how it might change in the future. Students will also use mapping skills to locate Melbourne within the state map, and also major landmarks in the CBD.  

Focus questions

  1. What are the key dates in Melbourne’s history?

  2. What is the geography of Australia and Victoria?

  3. Why did people move to Melbourne? (Looking at greater Victoria and events that influenced the formation of Melbourne)

  4. What is community? What makes up the Melbourne Community? (Greater Melbourne to then become tighter around the Melbourne CBD)

  5. What are the defining features of Melbourne? (food, culture, people, architecture, sports, fashion)

  6. How has our community changed? What features have been lost and what features have been retained?

  7. What is the nature of the contribution made by different groups and individuals in the community?