Term 3 - The world we live in

In this unit students will brainstorm what they know about living and non living things. They will explore natural environments (biomes) predominantly in Australia and in neighbouring countries. They will learn about the habitats and life cycles of animals and insects that live in these environments and learn about the importance of coexistence. Throughout the unit, the students will read maps and represent, collect and interpret geographical data including maps, tables, graphs etc. The students will learn that to help sustain our natural environment the time starts now and it starts with them! 

Focus ideas

  • Defining living and non living things. 

  • How do you classify living and non living things? 

  • What is a biome and what are their features?

  • What is the difference between living in Australia, living in a neighbouring country and a country far away? 

  • How does the environment support the lives of people and other living things?

  • How can people use places and environments more sustainably?