Term 2 - ETHICS and Citizenship(Who Rules?)

This term the children will delve into ethical behaviour and understanding our system of government. Intheir ethical studies they explore actions that might be regarded by different people as good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse and the reasons for this. They discuss meaning of concepts such as fairness and harm and how these can seem to differ in different situations. They identify ethical considerations in a range of problems and the influence of personal values in ethical decisions and actions. 

They learn about the role of local governmentand the processunderlying decisions that are made democratically in communities. The difference between rules and laws and why these are important. They explore why and how people participate within communities and cultural and social groups and the  factors that shape a person’s identity and sense of belonging.

Focus questions

  • What do we mean by the terms good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse?

  • How do we identify these feelings?

  • How do we know if something is fair? How can fairness differ? How can being unfair cause harm (physical and emotional)?

  • What do we need to consider when making decisions? What is the impact of these decisions?

  • How are decisions made democratically?

  • How can local government contribute to community life?

  • Why do we make rules and laws and why are they important?

  • How has my identity been shaped by the groups to which I belong?