TERM 3 - Toys

Children love toys, so what better topic to explore science, history and technology to name a few. The children study and classify their own toys. They find out how toys have changed over time and what materials they are made from. Energy and movement are studied to find out how toys make a noise and move. The children make their own simple toys and find out about the importance of play and co-operation.


Focus Questions

  • What is a toy? (Does this include electronic devices?)

  • What types of play do different toys offer?

  • Why is play important for development?

  • What is the difference between a toy, game, puzzle and activity?

  • How have toys changed over time?

  • What has influenced the development of toys over time?

  • What will toys of the future look like?

  • How are toys different around the world?

  • What types of materials are toys made from?

  • Which toys use forces and energy?

  • How can we make our own simple toys?