TERM 3 - Our natural environment


We value our environment, why is this so? The children learn why our environment is so precious. The children discover what the environment is and the ways in which they can help to look after the environment. An excursion to Werribee Zoo gives them a firsthand look at a variety of environments that animals live in and promotes discussion on past, present and future impact such as climate, landforms, vegetation. The children form an understanding that conservation will make a difference to sustaining our environment.

Focus Questions

  • What is an environment? The physical surroundings, conditions, circumstances etc. in which a person or creature lives.  The area surrounding a place.  External conditions as affecting plant and animal life; the environment the totality of the physical conditions on the earth or a part of it, (including water, soil and minerals) especially as affected by human activity.

  • What are some of the traditional beliefs and practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that relate to the environment? How do they differ?

  • How does the environment of Australia differ to Asia?

  • How are natural and built environments different?

  • Why/how do living organisms depend on the environment around them?

  • What impact can individuals have on their local/wider environment?

  • How can we conserve our environment?

  • How can we ensure we have a positive impact on our environment?