TERM 4 - safety first

Students begin to identify the benefits of safe behaviours. They learn how they can protect themselves and others to improve the health and safety of all. In considering personal safety and possible dangers including: weather events, school, home, water, cyber, road, pedestrian, fire safety and stranger danger. They also discuss the way various situations and behaviours affect the way they feel and develop personal responses to such behaviours and situations. This unit will reinforce the PATHs program.

Focus Questions

  • What is being safe? - online, socially, physically, emotionally.

  • What is safe and unsafe behaviour?

  • Where and when do we need to be aware of our safety? 

  • How do you know something is not safe?

  • What are the feelings associated with being unsafe, how do you recognise these feelings? 

  • What can we do to keep others and ourselves safe?

  • Who can help you if you feel unsafe?