TERM 2 - Marine Environments

The Ocean plays a huge part of Australian culture and lifestyle. Through this unit the children investigate the living and non-living elements of marine environments. They will investigate the different animals, features, habitats (fresh and salt water) and changes in the marine environment.

They consider the ways in which people use marine environments as well as the impact and effects of human interaction. The program will provide opportunities for children to extend their thinking and understanding whist putting some actions into place for improving our environment for the future.

A highlight of the unit is the visit to The Melbourne Aquarium and the  IMAX Theatre.


Focus Questions

  • What is a marine environment? How is it unique?

  • How is the marine environment used around the world?

  • What are the different habitats in the marine environment?

  • Which plants and animals belong in various marine habitats and what are their features?

  • What is a food chain?  What food chains do we find in marine environments?

  • How do the plants and animals in each habitat differ?

  • How does human activity impact the marine environment?

  • What can we do to maintain and protect our marine environments for the future?