School Vision

Eltham East Primary School is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and respectful environment which supports and inspires our children to be actively involved in their learning, to grow in self-awareness, resilience and social responsibility and to contribute in a positive way to the world around them. We aim to achieve these goals every day at EEPS.

This vision and our school values underpin the culture at EEPS. Students involved in their learning; learning together and from each other. Teachers taking responsibility for the delivery of programs of excellence using varied teaching practices and approaches. Learning that connects strongly with our community.

School Motto

Learning and Growing Together

School Values

  • Enjoyment: thinking positively, choosing to act in a safe and friendly way, to have fun and not spoil others' fun.

  • Teamwork: is demonstrated when team members share the work, include everyone, contribute, take turns and act patiently.

  • Respect: means to be considerate and caring towards yourself, others and the environment

  • Resilience: means being able to bounce back and recover quickly from everyday difficulties and challenges, thinking optimistically and being able to build positive relationships and social– emotional skills.

  • Learning: is demonstrated by trying hard and doing your best. Students use their time productively and set goals for future progress.

EEPS School Values

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social and emotional learning involves students having opportunities to learn and practice social skills such as:

  • cooperation

  • managing conflict

  • making friends

  • coping

  • being resilient

  • recognising and managing their own feelings.

Children’s mental health and social emotional well-being are addressed using the frameworks from Be You (previously Kids Matter) we aim to make a positive difference to the lives of EEPS children. At EEPS the teachers adjust the program to suit our community needs,  founded on safe, respectful relationships with a sense of belonging and inclusion. We timetable SEL lessons and build teachers capacity to explicitly teach SEL. We promote:

  • social and emotional learning - PATHS program, Respectful Relationships

  • working authentically with parents, carers and families

  • support for students who may be experiencing mental health difficulties

  • e-Smart - cybersafety consciousness

Learning Dispositions 

The community has identified five learning dispositions:

  • I persist with my learning even when it’s difficult

  • I am confident to try new things and I am comfortable making mistakes

  • I always want to improve as a learner

  • I am organised and use my time wisely

  • I am a creative, inquisitive and critical thinker


  • Everyone enjoying a safe and welcoming environment; staff, students and parents living by the values

  • Staff and parents sharing in an interdependent relationship to support each child’s development

  • Staff enjoying collaborative relationships with students by working and learning together

  • The school having an excellent reputation with partnerships that connect strongly with the broader community

  • A high rate of parent participation in the many aspects of school life

Facilities and Resources

  • An environment that makes possible and promotes innovative learning opportunities

  • A clean, attractive and sustainable environment