Principal's Desk

Eltham East Primary School holds an excellent reputation in the local and wider community due to our school ethos which places the learning and welfare of our children at the fore.

In a safe, caring and stimulating environment, children are encouraged to strive for their best in learning and behaviour and to develop in self esteem, self awareness and social responsibility.

With literacy and numeracy being the foundation stones of the curriculum, the school also places a strong emphasis on a range of curriculum programs which provide opportunities for personal growth and understanding. As such, our school prepares our children not only for academic success but also empowers them to respond optimistically to the many and varied challenges and opportunities that life offers.

Dedicated, skilled and enthusiastic staff use a range of innovative approaches as well as proven teaching practices to provide the very best learning environment and conditions for each child.

Our school community prides itself on a strong partnership between the school and home. There is a high level of community involvement and ongoing communication between the school and home is encouraged and valued.

We invite you to read on and discover more about our wonderful school and its community.

Cheryl Macnee, Principal