Term 3 - FARMS

Where does our food and other everyday products come from? This question is answered when the children learn about farms, crops and animals. They also learn about the foods and materials they produce. The children identify the characteristics and uses of common materials, the range of people and services who contribute to our health and safety.  At Chesterfield Farm the children see, touch and feed a wide variety of farm animals, ride on a tractor pulled cart, milk a cow, watch sheep being rounded up by a sheepdog and shorn.

Focus Questions:

What is a farm?

Why do we have farms?

What different types of farms are there?

What is the difference between a hobby farm and working farm?

What would you see on a farm?

What are common farm animals or items?

What do farmers do?

Where would you find a farm?

How do farms meet my everyday needs?

Off to a great start learning school routines

Off to a great start learning school routines