The unit begins with the students investigating the five key elements to keeping ourselves healthy. The focus being on nutritious food, water, sleep, exercise, hygiene and being sunsmart. The students go on to learn about the body both inside and out and the choices they can make to keep their body healthy. Students will construct a model of the human body which includes the heart, lungs, stomach and brain. They will be involved in a Drama Toolbox incursion ‘Body Invaders’ where they share observations to explore how diet, physical activity and sleep impact on our bodies performance.

The food wheel is introduced and students consolidate their understandings through the ‘Snack Art’ Incursion where good nutrition is taught through using fun activities, story-telling, food tasting and colourful props. A visit to the local Woolworths store allows the students  a behind the scenes tour with a focus on fresh produce and eating a wide variety of foods.

Throughout the unit, students will be dressing and decorating their ‘Mini me’ to reflect all they have learnt about keeping themselves healthy and safe. They will write about their ‘Mini Me’s’ and share them with their peers.

Focus Questions:

What does it mean to be healthy?

What choices can we make to keep ourselves healthy both inside and out?

What are everyday foods compared with sometimes foods?

What is a healthy meal?

Who are the people that help us keep healthy and safe?

What is inside our body?

What is on the outside of our body?

How can we use our five senses during an experiment?

What are some organs inside our body and what do they do?

How do we keep ourselves healthy and safe in different situations?


Off to a great start learning school routines

Off to a great start learning school routines