Term 2 - Long Ago

In this unit students will explore things from now and in the past. They will learn how and where we can find out about our past, including museums and their purposes. An excursion to The Melbourne Museum will help children develop their understandings of long ago and use that as a basis for exploration. A great favourite is seeing real fossils and learning about dinosaurs. They will develop an awareness that artefacts, photos and texts help us to learn about the past and they will use simple timelines to sequence past events on.

Focus Questions:

What is the past?

What is long ago?

What did it look like?

How can we find out about Long Ago?

What is the same and different from long ago and now?

What is a museum?

What is in a museum?

Why do we have museums?

Off to a great start learning school routines

Off to a great start learning school routines