Term 1 - Me and My Community

 Our preps have plenty to say about themselves and in this unit we use this knowledge to teach about their place in a community.

They explore who they are as individuals and learners. They  learn terminology to describe the people in their family and how they are related to each other. They will discuss family traditions, celebrations and how significant events are commemorated. The children will record these events through class books, (baby, school, family, grandparents/special friends) drawings and collages. A Grandparents and Special Friends day will be held where oral histories and baby photographs will be shared. Students will be encouraged to discuss events which are significant to them. They identify their own unique characteristics and those they shared with others.

Focus Questions:

  • What happens at school?

  • Who am I at school?

  • Who am I as a learner? (learner dispositions)

  • What is my role at school?

  • Who am I in my family?

  • What is my role in my family?

  • Who is special to me?

  • Who do I feel safe with?

  • What do we celebrate in my family?

  • What did I do when I was a baby?

  • What was it like when Mum or Dad/ Grandma or Grandpa were at school?


 Off to a great start learning school routines

Off to a great start learning school routines