Our School

Eltham East Primary School is situated in the heart of Eltham, which is located 22km from Melbourne. To ensure all students have a safe, high quality education a staff of over 50 works interdependently towards achieving the school’s vision. Staffing includes: 3 Principal class, 45 teachers, and 10 Education Support staff working with our students. Our rich curriculum includes personalized learning in literacy and numeracy.

We are a well-resourced and high demand school. The school is in a quiet, residential suburb with a remnant native bush area including a purpose built garden for the endangered Eltham Copper Butterfly. Specialised outdoor teaching areas are a feature and regularly accessed for hands on learning and provision of real life experiences for our students.

Our core purpose is encompassed in our motto “Learning and Growing together” with a shared mission of a commitment to providing a nurturing, safe and caring environment which supports and inspires our children to value learning and grow in self-awareness and social responsibility.   Our values of Enjoyment, Teamwork, Respect, Resilience, and Learning underpin the manner in which we conduct our relationships across the community. EEPS acts in compliance with a Child Safe Standards to protect our students from sexual or physical harm.

School services include 3 support teachers, a reading recovery trained teacher, an integration aide program and access to a visiting primary school nurse. There is regular access to an educational psychologist and speech therapist who provide significant assistance and advice for high quality welfare, literacy, language and numeracy support and extension programs.

Community engagement and services include an Out of School Hours Care program, promotion of community groups and instrumental music.  Many events and activities (science, sports, and arts) draw on community expertise. The school has an internationally renowned Choir and percussion program. We participate in fundamental and advanced physical education activities.

Our curriculum features many programs to build breadth and depth.  We cater for students to experience and excel in many academic and interdisciplinary pursuits. The school provides a variety of learning opportunities including technologies, THRASS, Perceptual Motor Program, and Library and for developing a global perspective through Japanese and Asian studies and the History and Economics units of learning at each year level. Environmental projects, Extended Learning Opportunities and artistic activities are integral to our programs.  We have developed authentic student leadership opportunities across the school with School Captains, Junior School Council representatives, House Captains, Environment Leaders, Arts and Technology Leaders.  The School Captains and Leaders are responsible for providing learning reports at each assembly.

Into the future we will maintain our high expectations, global perspective and strong communication with parents, students and the community.

Cheryl Macnee - Principal

Trish Bostock - Acting Principal         Naomi Ivers - Assistant Principal                Warren Lloyd-Acting Assistant Principal