Money Matters


Stationery is provided for students in Prep. Parents of students in Years 1 – 6 are asked to supply stationery for their child at the beginning of the year. This is in addition to the following Essential Education Items, Optional Extras and Voluntary Donations. The amount for each section is determined by School Council.

Essential Education Items - Year 1-6 $60 and $120 Prep

Essential education items are those items or services that are essential to support the course of instruction in the standard curriculum program that parents or guardians are requested to pay the school. They are budgeted on a per child basis to fund programs at each year level. This is a more economical and practical way to purchase essential educational items for student use. It reduces the stress on children to have their own personal items ready and in good working order.

Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children are provided with essential education items. The school makes every effort to keep the cost of these items to a minimum.

Optional Extras

Curriculum Contribution - $70

The curriculum contribution supports our additional programs such as classroom music, physical education, Japanese, visual arts as well as additional programs in numeracy and literacy.

 Technology Contribution - $35

This allows us to purchase or lease more equipment to engage children in their learning using a variety of technologies including interactive whiteboards, computers, laptops and handheld technologies including iPads.

DE&T provide a technician on one day a week to firstly maintain the administrative programs and equipment. This contribution allows for an additional two days of technical support to effectively maintain our student and staff curriculum network.

Voluntary Donations

Building and Maintenance Fund

Your contribution is invited to the building and maintenance fund which will be used to continue to improve our grounds. Sufficient funds will see the installation of new playground equipment. In 2015 the building and maintenance fund was used to refurbish our portable classrooms.

Donations to the building and maintenance fund may be claimed as a deduction for income tax purposes.

Donation to Library Fund

Your contribution is invited to the library fund which will be used to update and extend the supply of high quality literature and reference materials available to our students.

Donations to the library fund may be claimed as a deduction for income tax purposes.