Asian studies

“A world-class curriculum includes traditional and contemporary knowledge from the most dynamic civilisations of all time. Many of these civilisations have their home in the Indo-Pacific region.”
Asian Studies at EEPS is the platform for many rich and colourful cultural experiences connecting our children to the world.  Spring boarding from our Japanese language program, links have been made with schools in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Korea and India. Across the school teachers are forming collaborative partnerships and participating in projects of common interest to both teachers and children.

  • Conservation
  • Cultural landmarks
  • Festivals

Through the Japanese Language program at EEPS the children are taught about the language structure, sounds and basic vocabulary. The rich variety of festivals and detailed ceremonial procedures in Japanese culture feature in these studies.
The community comes together for special events during which we highlight the visual arts, music, storytelling, geography, history, economy and foods of our Asian neighbours.