Level Planning – Literacy and Numeracy

The structure of our teaching teams is a strength at EEPS. Each term our teaching teams meet to plan the curriculum focus and supporting programs for the students in their level. They also moderate with each other weekly and provide classroom observations and professional feedback.

At EEPS we consider the balance of staff across our school and their variety of individual skills and talents as strengths in the programs we offer.

As part of the planning process the teams audit the learning to be covered, the students’ prior knowledge and the students' future learning needs, to produce a document to guide the weekly literacy and numeracy program.

To meet our students developing needs and growth, the literacy and numeracy term planner is a document that is changeable. Each week, at year level meetings, the teams discuss student progress; they modify and refine the program to reflect students’ needs, whole school events and themes as well as access to new resources.

For the most current information regarding classroom programs, please go to the Learning@EEPS newsletter, available on this website.