Environment and Sustainability

The EEPS community is passionate about the “footprint” we leave on the planet. We embed a local and global view for sustainability into our programs to be a sustainable school.
Our culture and values, integrated unit cycle and student leadership includes an emphasis on sustainability and the environment; Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO’s) offered from Year 1 to Year 4 provide many environmental activities such as establishing and maintaining a kitchen garden. The vegetable boxes provide fresh produce for the children to experience healthy eating from the garden to the plate.

The school has provided and accessed resources to promote awareness of sustainable principles including:

  • School Sanctuary: A natural native flora and fauna area identifying indigenous native species

  • Bush Tucker Garden: Planted with native plants for our students to learn about the plants grown by indigenous communities for both food and practical use

  • Activities with Edendale Farm: A local resource within walking distance of EEPS for excursions, advice and professional learning for teachers

  • Active Pathways: Students at EEPS have an amazing 80% participation rate in active transport

  • The Walking School Bus: Operates across a number of routes.

  • Bike Education Program: Offered to Year 4 students

  • School Awards: Classes with high levels of support for our sustainability programs are presented with a “class tree” to be planted in our grounds or our WOW mascot Sir Wally Walk-a-lot

  • Nude Food: Students earn points, by bringing wrap free lunches, towards a “class tree” to be planted in our grounds and the Nude Food Dude award “Mr Carrot”

  • Butterfly Garden: Working with a grant from Greening Australia our students assisted in the design and planting of a habitat to attract butterflies in particular the Eltham Copper Butterfly

  • Each year the Year 6 graduating class make a "legacy" purchase for example a tree for the orchard or piece of art as a perpetual legacy for the school

Our buildings and office incorporate sustainability technology and practices:

  • Solar Panels have been installed and are returning power to the grid

  • Water tanks are providing water for toilets and gardens

  • Our Newsletter is published weekly by e-mail

  • Notices and communication through COMPASS

  • Newspaper and cardboard is collected from classrooms and offices for recycling

The Kitchen Garden thrives with fresh produce, herbs and companion planting.

The Kitchen Garden thrives with fresh produce, herbs and companion planting.