In the Classroom

Curriculum: The high quality and innovative programs implemented at EEPS are based on the Victorian Curriculum, which sets out the core knowledge, understanding and skills important for children at the different stages of their learning.

In our classrooms we actively engage our students in the planning, organisation and evaluation of their learning. Our programs cater for a variety of learning styles; developing curiosity, collaboration and problem solving.

Visit our classroom links to learn about the variety of engaging, relevant and active integrated units designed to support our strong literacy and numeracy focus. Four major units are studied each year. These units provide a balance of scientific and historical studies as well as health and safety, technology, economics and geography. The work also has elements of civics and citizenship, personal and interpersonal skill development along with developing good work habits.

The "START UP" program

At EEPS we commence the year with a program of “start-up” activities which contribute to the building of friendly, safe and productive learning environments based on our school values of Respect, Teamwork, Enjoyment, Resilience and Learning. As well as setting the tone and culture for our classrooms the program has the added benefit of enriching students vocabulary, literacy skills and higher order thinking skills. We discuss our class norms, which are the behaviours that normally happen, for example we normally put our hand up to leave the room however if you are going to be sick you would leave quickly. Each class produces a  class agreement which puts into writing the normal behaviours all members of the class will use to achieve a wonderful working environment. The end product is a school community that understands the expectations for behaviour, building positive relationships and creating a harmonious environment in which to learn. The class agreements take pride of place both in classrooms and in the EEPS hall surrounding the school song.

Every Face has a Place at EEPS.

Every Face has a Place at EEPS.

Along with the four major units studied across the year, mini units relevant to specific classes covering topics such as the seasonal changes, democratic process, Olympics and other major sporting events, Bike Education, Road Safety, Chess, Maths Olympiad, Robotics, film making, literature and author studies. Our teachers are always keeping abreast of new programs and activities that meet the needs of our children.